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Welcome To My World!

Little About Me


I’m Boston born and raised. Well known amongst my friends and family as a “Beast of the Heart”. I was even given the nickname “Oso”, which is the Spanish word for BEAR. Loving, protective, yet strong and unyielding. Just as easily Cuddly, as I am Fierce. I’d like to think these traits follow me in ALL my work. I have many forms of expression and I’m known for hitting just as hard in every single one of these spaces. If it helps me express my truth, it interests me. I’m obsessed with all things movement and creation based. Especially having a high passion for music and dance, and it’s in those worlds that my name “Swift” came from. There’s a lot to be said, but it’s more enjoyable to see. So, please explore and experience everything that is Daniel “Swift” Washington.


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