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      I have spent many years on stage and now focus on creating a career in film & TV. I am HIGHLY eager to make a name for myself; to experience the extent of my craft, and bring more wonder to the world. I've been fortunate to receive training from people who have walked this path before me, in an art form that allows me to express, create, and inspire.

      I remember seeing Denzel Washington, Johnny Depp, Lisa Raye, Antonio Banderas and so many more of my favorites. The life lessons that these "adventures" teach is part of who I became. I believe that it is not always just entertainment. Perhaps the great minds behind these works are also trying to show us things they believe in.

       As an actor, we are given the chance to help bring these visions, these lessons to the people who may come to truly believe in them. One look, one word, one moment, can change someone. Or perhaps inspire them to change everything.


Express & Experience

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