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      I came up on the stage, learning and performing August Wilson, Shakespeare, Carlo Goldoni and more. It was there I was told “You breathe better on stage”. That said, I’m just as comfortable on camera as I am in the Theater. I fall in love with the voice it gives. The sense of creation and the discomfort of growth as I step in and out of different lives. All the while adding to the enjoyment and the maturity within my own.

      I remember seeing many of my own acting inspirations, the stories they told. The life lessons that these "adventures" taught is part of who I have become. I believe that it is not always just entertainment. Perhaps the great minds behind these works are also trying to show us things they believe in.

       As actors, we are given the chance to help bring these visions, these lessons to the people who may come to truly believe in them. One look, one word, one moment, can change someone. Or perhaps inspire them to change everything.


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